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Open Doors - Youth Awareness Program

CME Ontario will work with school boards, schools, teachers and students to showcase career options in manufacturing to encourage youth to enter manufacturing careers by showing them:
• a positive image of manufacturing career choices
• the diversity of jobs to choose from
• data about the trends and future employment needs
• potential career paths and how to get there



Host a site tour - help youth discover manufacturing career options

There are many false impressions of manufacturing, what it encompasses, and its economic magnitude. This project will help reposition the negative image around manufacturing, and provide facts on which people can make informed career decisions. This is a unique opportunity for you - the manufacturers and employers - to demonstrate the exciting and innovative elements of the manufacturing sector to young people in your region.


Help CME Ontario to recruit the next generation of manufacturing talent by opening your doors for youth awareness.



Schedule a site tour - help students discover manufacturing opportunities

CME has a multitude of partnerships with industry leading manufacturers to connect teachers and their students with educational and meaningful site visits. By allowing students to explore career options earlier, they can structure their classes to help them find rewarding careers earlier when they graduate. For students already enrolled in the Specialist High School Majors program, our tours with their interactive components can serve as an Experiential Learning or Reach Ahead Experience. We can also support any current initiatives including networking, tours or curriculum enhancement.


Help CME Ontario to make youth more aware of career potential and the numerous employment opportunities in the Manufacturing sector


Learn about the real facts, trends and career opportunities for your future

Whether your plans are to stay local or explore other regions, we can provide you with the real facts and trends so no matter where you live, you can find meaningful employment and a dynamic career. The manufacturing sector is often misunderstood so it's important that everyone has the real information, including the people who are helping you navigate your current courses and future options. That's why we provide resources for everyone (including guardians, teachers and guidance staff).

CME Ontario can help you find rewarding career options in a sector that is always looking for new talent!

Additional Resources

Real Talk -

Students from across Canada have made their voices heard - they want and need more information on school-to-work transitions, and what better source of information than people who have recently made the journey for themselves? Forget boring stats, wacky career quizzes, or "experts" who haven't been in the workforce for years. What high school students need is real talk from real people.


Check back regularly as we will keep updating information and materials as they become available!


To partner with us, arrange a site visit or receive additional information please contact:
Donald Grant
Christina Keating
(905)672-3466, Extension 3284



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