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Manufacturing Day – A time to celebrate

Published by Marie Morden on October 07, 2016

Throughout the day and across Canada and the continent people will be tweeting about, commenting on and celebrating manufacturing. That's a very good thing. For manufacturers. For Canada.

Manufacturing often goes unnoticed or is only in the spotlight when there is bad news. You have all heard the news of plant closures, job losses, rust belts. While those stories are unfortunate, it paints the wrong picture of manufacturing and what is happening inside Canada’s most important economic sector.

Yes, that's right. Most important. Manufacturing. 2016. In fact, manufacturing accounts for 1/3 of all of Canada’s economic activity today. Nearly $650 billion in direct and indirect GDP. More than 4.25 million Canadian jobs. And 2/3 of all exports. The reality is that manufacturing has such deep roots in this country that it touches nearly every other sector of the economy. From services like banking, insurance, real estate and transportation that help support operations. And technology and software that support production. To our natural resources that are both a source of raw materials and a core customer base. Manufacturing is the linchpin of this economy.

And Canadian manufacturers make amazing world-class products, many of them you have never heard of, such as advanced machinery and equipment that control operations or fold in the floor seats in your family minivan. A computer chip that allows us to listen to music beamed from space. A Bluetooth device that can monitor your car’s engine on your smartphone. Or a technology company that designs and produces high-definition projectors that allow you to watch a movie or display graphics on the side of a building or on a sports field.

There are also many Canadian manufacturing companies you have heard. That you use or see every day that you may not even know are Canadian. Great clothing companies like Arc'teryx and lululemon. Transportation companies like Bombardier or BRP that are engineering, designing and manufacturing both mass transit and personal recreational vehicles. Communications companies like BlackBerry that allow you to securely communicate to your friends and coworkers around the world. There are pharmaceutical companies creating the next lifesaving drug or medical device.

Manufacturing is all around us. Critical to how we live our life every day. Manufacturing Day is a day to celebrate that and learn more about manufacturing and its importance to Canada. We urge all Canadians to get involved in any way can. Learn about a local manufacturer and what they are doing. Understand how manufacturers create wealth and help sustain Canada’s great standard of living.

For me, I will be hosting a roundtable today in my hometown of Guelph with local manufacturers, my Member of Parliament and the local Chamber of Commerce talking about how we can make Canadian manufacturing more dynamic, profitable, innovative, productive and growing. I will be talking to my kids about why manufacturing is important and the types of things that are made right here in my community by my neighbours. I will also put on the Jays game and show them the amazing visual display made possible by a company just down the road in Kitchener.

Join me today in celebrating Manufacturing Day and throughout October, which has been declared as Manufacturing Month. Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters will be celebrating Manufacturing Month with our partner BDO Canada. Join us for our i2030 Summit October 18-19 in Ottawa, where we will lay out a national plan to strengthen and grow our manufacturing sector in Canada, visit

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