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Western sales drive retail trade

Published by Steve Coleman on January 24, 2012

Quebec and the western provinces were the best places in Canada to be a retailer in November.

While retail sales rose as a whole for a fourth-straight month, Alberta and Saskatchewan recorded the largest increases.

Statistics Canada says Canadians spent 0.3 per cent more money in November, boosting the total dollar value $38.7 billion.

Gains were reported in seven of the 11 retail groupings. As a unit, they represented 65 per cent of all retail sales for the month.

The Atlantic provinces recorded a one per cent drop in sales for the month. In Ontario, retail sales slipped 0.1 per cent.

Stats Can says sporting goods, hobby, book and music stores sold 2.9 per cent more during the month. Video games were the largest single contributor.

People also tended to avoid shopping malls during the month. As a rule, malls across the country had declines in September, flat sales in October and saw their numbers drop a further 0.7 per cent in November.

However, the change in seasons was reported to be good for the car parts business. Auto parts businesses reported a 5.1 per cent increase in sales due, in large part, to more new tires hitting the road in time for winter.

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