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Texas company recommends reversing flow on natural gas export terminals

Published by Steve Coleman on March 05, 2012

Growth in the North American liquid natural gas industry in the last five years has prompted a Texas-based industry analyst to suggest companies should rethink their plans.

US-based Zeus Development Corporation says 33 sites in Canada, the US and Mexico have the potential to offer "competitive advantages" for developers of LNG export terminals.

Sixteen have the potential to offer the owners access to the Asian market without having to use the Panama or Suez canals. The rest are on the east coast or the Gulf of Mexico.

"North America's natural gas landscape has changed so radically in the past five years that many sites once considered for import terminals now offer advantages as export plants," said Bob Nimocks, president of Zeus, in a news release. "Former liquefaction and export sites such as the once-proposed Yukon Pacific near Valdez, Alaska, might offer advantages as well."

The American Gas Association's Potential Gas Committee estimated in its last assessment that the United States holds almost two quadrillion cubic feet of undiscovered gas. Canada and Mexico also contain vast undiscovered natural gas reserves. British Columbia alone is estimated to have 1.1 quadrillion cubic feet of natural gas. The supply would feed 20 world-scale export plants for more than 100 years.

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