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Canadian farmers experience rise in field crop areas for June

Published by Stephanie Brooks on June 27, 2012

As part of its Field Crop Reporting Series, Statistics Canada released its preliminary estimates of principal field crop areas for June 2012 today.

It reported record canola acreage, an increase in area of wheat, rising barley seeding, as well as an increase in soybean and corn for grain areas.

Farmers in the Prairies had either planted, or intended to plant, a record area of canola and larger areas of wheat, dry field peas, and barley as of June 7. Manitoba and Ontario farmers also reported seeding record areas of corn and soybeans.

The area seeded to field crops in 2012 has returned to levels seen prior to the 2011 floods in parts of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. It was reported that farmers in these two provinces had fewer summerfallow acres.

At the time of the survey, farmers mentioned seeding had not been completed, and as such, seeding in some regions in the Prairies was delayed by rain and wet conditions from last year.

Therefore, estimates of seeded areas may change in the July report, for which the results will be released on August 22.

The eight publications in Statistics Canada’s series are released at strategic points in the crop year detailing farm stocks of grain, crop area, yield, and production. Stock reports outline the farm-held stocks at the provincial level and farm-held plus commercial stocks at the Canada level for major Canadian grains.

You can view the report here.


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