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CME welcomes the appointment of David Emerson as head of the Review of Aerospace and Space Programs and Policies

Published by CME Webmaster on February 27, 2012

Canadian Manufacturer & Exporters (CME) welcomes the federal government announcement of a review of Aerospace and Space Programs and Policies, as announced by the federal Minister of Industry today in Montreal.

The Aerospace sector is of strategic importance to the Canadian manufacturing and exporting sectors and provides benefits to a number of sub-sectors of our economy, both in goods and services. The appointment of former federal Minister David L. Emerson is a very good news, given his longstanding experience in Canadian industry and international trade portfolios.

“His in-depth knowledge of the aerospace industry and his former experience  in the last program review are strong assets and I am very confident that Mr. Emerson will conduct the process in a very collaborative manner with the industry”, said CME President & CEO, Jayson Myers.
The review will focus more particularly on certain aspects such as innovation, market access and development, skills development, procurement, and supplier development. According to Myers, “CME members are active players in all these sectors and we hope we can bring an interesting angle to the study. Many firms across the country are participants to the aerospace supply chain without necessarily be considered as space or aerospace companies. They have a certain percentage of their revenues coming from this sector and bring significant knowledge and know-how to the larger firms. We want to make sure that these firms have a say in the review as well.”
CME will also bring the importance of the aerospace sector for smaller firms’ exposure to international markets.

According to a study on the state of advanced manufacturing published by CME last fall, more than 50 per cent of Canadian firms in the Aerospace sector export their products indirectly through an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), which uses the components as an input into production for export. While these indirect exports are not taken into account in general export statistics, they raise the importance of the aerospace sector to showcase Canadian suppliers’ capabilities and international recognition. CME hopes that the review panel will be looking at the aspect of indirect export.
CME is also hopeful that the review will look at the role of domestic financing in the aerospace sector, more particularly the role of EDC and other financial institutions.

In a report published last summer, CME called on the federal government to make EDC domestic financing powers permanent. 

“Export development agencies around the world play a major role in their respective aerospace industries and we certainly believe that EDC could continue to play a complementary role at the domestic stage to help both suppliers and OEMs to become more competitive”, said Myers.

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