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CME Ontario gets safety groups extended into 2013

Published by Stephanie Brooks on July 10, 2012

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) Ontario has the pleasure to announce the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) of Ontario has agreed to extend safety groups, and the financial incentive, into next year.

As a safety group sponsor, CME has long advocated for the important role the groups play in the workplace safety and insurance system. It has also been one of the most successful WSIB programs offered to employers since experience rating was introduced.

While the rebates are real dollars, they are paid from the savings the system realized through improved health and safety results. The WSIB’s initial and continued rationalization, or premise, for safety groups was based on this fact. Rebates are paid from the savings the system realized from the success and benefits delivered by the safety groups. Without safety groups, the costs to the system would be higher. Therefore, safety group participation delivers real improvements to the compensation system, the prevention mandate, the workers, and employers of Ontario.

CME made a number of arguments to support the continuation of safety groups for 2013, including implementing an accreditation program, and delaying the phase-in changes to the groups allowing newer employers to remain in the program to achieve the additional benefits offered.

CME maintains safety groups have allowed for the continued focus on activities and benefits in the area of health and safety and it is crucial all be done to continue this success and create an environment conducive to further progress.  

For more information on CME’s safety group program, please contact Henry Decloe at or visit

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