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Labour board to look at Air Canada disputes

Published by Steve Coleman on March 09, 2012

There's now some breathing room in the ongoing dispute between Air Canada and two of its unions.

Labour Minister Lisa Raitt asked the Canadian Industrial Relations Board to look into the disputes with pilots and ground staff that will delay a strike and lockout threatened for midnight Sunday.

A look into possible health and safety concerns for average Canadians has been cited as the main item investigators will look into while they put the labour dispute on hold.

"Air Canada can carry some cargo that is related to the health industry, related to pharmaceuticals, and certainly those kinds of things related to remote communities that, simply put, nobody else flies to because Air Canada has jurisdictional responsibility to fly to certain remote areas," Raitt told CBC News. "The other side of it, of course, is passengers and whether or not people rely upon that link to get to life-saving treatments that they need to have in other parts of Canada."

There has been no time line as to how long it will take the review board to do its work.

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