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US residents still opposed to $1 coin

Published by Steve Coleman on March 21, 2012

Wyoming residents polled about the possibility of giving up the greenback in favour of a new US one dollar coin say Congress should find something better to do.

The poll, sponsored by a group calling itself the Americans for George Coalition, says US citizens - especially those in Wyoming - say they're perfectly happy keeping the dollar bill.

The survey, conducted by Lincoln Park Strategies on the coalition's behalf, discovered that 70 per cent of voters in the state oppose the idea of replacing the dollar bill with a coin. Forty-seven per cent strongly oppose it and 73 per cent polled felt a dollar coin was unnecessary. Seventy-two per cent said it was unwanted.

"Sentiments against the dollar coin are strong across Wyoming and the rest of the country," said Stefan Hankin, president of Lincoln Park Strategies in a news release. "Our research shows people's resistance to the dollar coin spans from everyday usage to the feeling that politicians should be spending their time on more important issues."

Canada introduced the Loonie in 1987 and the two dollar coin in 1996.

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