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Firm copies photosynthesis to make hydrogen

Published by Steve Coleman on January 23, 2012

A California company says copying Mother Nature has given it the means to produce carbon-free, renewable hydrogen gas.

HyperSolar, Inc. says a technological copy of the photosynthesis that occurs every day in leaves has given it the ability to produce both hydrogen and methane gas using the sun and wastewater.

"The world is short on free hydrogen and unfortunately, to make up for this shortage, the world uses fossil fuels to produce hydrogen gas," said HyperSolar CEO Tim Young in a news release. "We are developing a cleaner and greener way to produce this high value product.

"HyperSolar's hydrogen is completely carbon free, made by using the power of the Sun and wastewater. Not only are we mitigating the high cost of wastewater treatment, but we are creating the ultimate clean fuel."

While there isn't a fuel-cell powered vehicle on the market, yet, it's one area where the company says the technology could be useful.

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