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Report pitches home-based workers for cost-savings

Published by Steve Coleman on January 05, 2012

When it comes to cost-cutting, "Homeshoring" may be the answer companies have been seeking, a new white paper says.

The trend toward hiring self-employed, stay-at-home professionals to look after business has paid dividends to companies that have taken the leap, says consulting company Frost & Sullivan.

Businesses such as call centres have seen savings of 30 per cent or more trimming the overhead that goes with having employees work out of the traditional office - especially if they're self-employed contractors.

"Whilst consumer demand has driven voice back to home shores, the driver that sent it out- cost efficiency-has not gone away," says Virtualising the Workplace: Cut Costs, Improve Customer Satisfaction and Achieve Flexibility through Homeshoring. "On the contrary, in the current economic environment, cost concerns are as great as ever, and customer experience directors are facing an unpleasant choice between cutting costs and maintaining top-rate customer service."

The answer, the report's authors say, is the Internet and hiring self-employed contractors to do the job. An improvement in security software means the trend can even extend into high-risk fields like finance and health care.

Visit the following link for a more-detailed look at the report.

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