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Canada takes more measures against Syria

Published by Steve Coleman on March 05, 2012

Canada has taken further economic sanctions against Syria.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird tightened any loopholes a little further with measure that specifically name's the country's central bank and key members of the Syrian government.

"These additional measures include a complete ban on the provision or acquisition of financial or other related services, as well as sanctions on the Syrian central bank and seven high-ranking Syrian officials implicated in the violence," said Baird in a statement released March 5. "We must put concerted and intense international pressure on the regime to stop the violence and to allow a peaceful, Syrian-led transition. Those responsible for the violence across Syria must be held accountable for their actions."

Monday's actions against the Assad government marks the sixth time that Canada has cut back on its dealings with the Middle Eastern country. Canada first got involved with the Syrian crisis on May 24, 2011 when it froze assets, introduced travel restrictions, banned specific imports and exports and suspended all bilateral agreements between the two countries.

Visit the following link for a look at the current list of restrictions on dealings with Syria.

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