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Ontario’s Plan Needs to Check Both Boxes - Reduce Emissions and Sustain Economic Growth

Published by Bryant McNamara on June 08, 2016

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) has long advocated that in order to make reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, manufacturers need to invest in new technologies. To make those investments companies need available capital. CME is concerned that, if not properly executed, the Government of Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan could take away capital from companies, undermining their ability to make investments and reduce emissions.

"CME supports the intent of the Climate Change Action Plan to reinvest the proceeds drawn from industry through the Cap & Trade program - back into industry," said Ian Howcroft, CME Ontario Vice President. "CME views the Plan as an important acknowledgement by government that the only way Ontario can realize success in reducing emissions is to accelerate technological progress through the right kind of re-investment."

Through investments in manufacturing, the Government of Ontario can make evidence-based decisions that are required to help our environment and work towards meeting its targets.

"The ultimate test will be watching how this Plan is implemented and executed, as it must be done in a way that supports and facilitates economic growth, as well as reducing emissions," added Howcroft. "Major investment decisions are being made now, we need to work quickly with the Government of Ontario to get the details."

CME will continue to work with government and advocate on behalf of manufacturers in Ontario when it comes to developing a process for how the Government of Ontario will use its funds.

For more information, contact:

Ian Howcroft
Vice President, CME Ontario


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