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White House promises to create more US manufacturing jobs

Published by Steve Coleman on March 30, 2012

In a speech from an Iowa factory floor, US Vice President Joe Biden says America plans to bring its manufacturing plants back and create middle class jobs.

While work is coming back to the US from overseas plants, there are 600,000 jobs in the US that manufacturers can't fill because they can't match the skills with the work they need done.

After a meeting with industry leaders in January, the solution turned out to partnerships between community colleges and companies on a hunt for qualified employees, Biden said.

"When we came into office, the manufacturing sector had been neglected badly," Biden said. "It was getting devastated. During the 2000s, before we came in, 5.8 million manufacturing jobs were lost in the United States of America.

The current White House administration says it's looking to create a global minimum tax to keep companies from benefiting from moves that leave US citizens out of work.

That includes eliminating the loopholes that gave companies an opportunity to shut down a factory and then get to write off the moving expense to ship everything to another country. The country should be giving tax credits to companies that shut down foreign factories and bring the work back.

The country is currently on track to meet a pledge to double US exports by 2015, Biden said. Reaching that goal would create two million new manufacturing jobs.

As a precursor to getting the goods to market, the country has worked out new free trade deals with Korea, Columbia and Panama, to name a few, he said.

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