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China still accounts for majority of US counterfeit goods

Published by Steve Coleman on January 20, 2012

US Customs and Border Patrol says crooks have been changing what they ship and how they send it to American consumers.

While China is still the starting point for most knockoffs entering the US market, pirates and counterfeiters have given organized crime a new look in the last year.

Shoes, wallets and handbags fell off the top-10 list last year and were replaced by consumer electronics. One-third of those electronics were cellular telephone knockoffs.

Numbers in the latest annual report say fake Chinese goods accounted for 62 per cent of pirated goods with a dollar value of $124.7 million seized before they got into the country last year.

Counterfeiters have switched to higher volumes with less value instead of focusing their efforts on items with a higher sticker price.

The value of footwear seized from China fell almost $20 million, but the value of pharmaceutical seizures increased more than $4.3 million. The value of fake Chinese perfume seizures rose $7 million.

The top-10 list of knockoffs seized at the US border last year included: pharmaceuticals, health/personal care, eyewear/parts, critical technology components, electronic articles, cigarettes, perfumes/colognes, batteries, exercise equipment and transportation/parts.

As for who shipped them, Canadian crooks were in the minority. Canada accounted for $608,533, less than one per cent of the goods seized at the American border.

For a look at the full report, check the following link.

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