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CME Releases Action Plan to Grow Manufacturing and Exporting in Canada at Industrie 2030 Summit

Published by Marie Morden on October 24, 2016

Canada's leading voice for industry, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), shares findings of its year-long research aimed at growing manufacturing and exporting in Canada by identifying clear recommendations for industry and government. The research report was unveiled at CME's Industrie 2030 National Manufacturing Summit held in Ottawa on October 18-19, 2016.

"The insights we are sharing summarize our independent research as well as direct feedback from our members designed to improve and grow Canada's entire manufacturing and exporting sector," said Mathew Wilson, Senior Vice President, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters. "With collective engagement of leaders from industry and government and all Canadians to implement the recommendations, Canada's manufacturing sector can double its output by 2030 and succeed on an international scale."

The Industrie 2030 Action Plan and its recommendations stem directly from the input of more than 1,250 Canadian manufacturers and exporters of all sizes from all corners of the country. While there are regional and sectoral variances with a number of the priorities for action, the core recommendations are consistent. To tackle Canada's economic challenges and double output and exports from Canada's manufacturing sector, Industrie 2030 participants recommend that public and private sectors focus efforts on:

  • Building a strong labour pool and skilled workforce;
  • Accelerating adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies;
  • Fostering innovation, commercialization and new product development;
  • Creating a competitive business environment in Canada; and,
  • Increasing access to domestic and foreign markets.

The Industrie 2030 consultation process, the research, the summary report, and the supporting detailed reports are only the start of the process. CME and our partners will now set out to effect change, to reinvent and grow manufacturing in Canada. We will monitor progress towards the key performance indicators. We will work aggressively to reach the goal of doubling manufacturing output and exports by 2030.

CME's research resulted in the following reports:

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