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Canada to follow US lead on truck tailpipe fumes

Published by Steve Coleman on April 13, 2012

Canada plans to match the US' lead on greenhouse gas emissions from heavy-duty on-road vehicles.

The proposed rules would come into effect for the 2014 model year and include vehicles like large pickup trucks, short and long-haul tractors, cement and garbage trucks and buses.

"Canada and the United States have a deeply integrated automotive industry and there are significant environmental and economic benefits to aligning our emission standards for new on-road heavy-duty vehicles," said Minister Peter Kent in a news release. "Today's announcement means that, by the year 2020, greenhouse gas emissions from Canada's heavy-duty vehicles will be reduced by 3 million tonnes per year. This is equivalent to removing 650,000 personal vehicles from the road."

It's expected greenhouse gases from the tailpipes of 2018 model year vehicles will be 23 per cent less than trucks and buses sold in 2010. As a part of Canada's climate change strategy, the government says it wants to cut emissions by 17 per cent from 2005 levels by 2020.

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