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Published by Stephanie Brooks on May 31, 2012

In the midst of ongoing media reports on NDP leader Mulcair’s “Dutch disease” statements and rivaling publications from the Pembina and Macdonald-Laurier Institutes, CME’s position in the debate is being given even more weight.

Today, Edmonton Journal columnist Gary Lamphier cited president of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), Jayson Myers, as the trustworthy voice on Canada’s currency and economy. 

“Personally, I see the oilsands as a huge source of wealth, not only for Alberta, but for the country as a whole, as many reports have shown.

But I’m also more likely to be swayed by what Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney and Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association president Jay Myers think of Mulcair’s views, than any think-tank.

Both know a great deal more about economic issues than Mulcair ever will. And both have dismissed the NDP leader’s fixation with Dutch disease, noting that Canada’s manufacturing ills have a lot more to do with our dependence on the slow-growing U.S. market than the value of the loonie.

Both believe Canadian manufacturers need to ramp up exports to Asia’s fast-growing markets, just as Alberta’s oilsands producers are hoping to do.

There’s no reason why Canada’s manufacturers can’t also learn to compete. In fact, they’re already doing so, whether or not Mulcair chooses to notice.”

To read an interview with Myers on the Dutch disease, please click here

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