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Contract signed to develop new antiviral drug

Published by Steve Coleman on April 26, 2012

An antiviral agent designed by a Department of National Defence agency will be developed for civilian use.

Defence Research and Development Canada has signed a manufacturing agreement with Dalton Pharma Services to bring LE-Poly ICLC to market, although no timetable has been released.

So far, the drug has been shown to be effective in animal tests against avian influenza, ebola and alphavirus infections. For the immediate future, the company will be working on a manufacturing process to bring the drug to market.

The company says the thing that sets the drug apart from other products is the fact that it's able to add the missing dsRNA "danger signal" missing from most modern vaccines. Poly ICLC has also been singled out to help in the fight against cancer, HIV and malaria vaccinations.

The product mimics the signals that trigger the immune system into fighting a viral infection, potentially getting the body to fight back against diseases that would normally slip in under the radar and lock out the defences.

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