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Mulcair says Tories hurting manufacturing

Published by Steve Coleman on April 16, 2012

New national NDP leader Thomas Mulcair says Canadian manufacturing has a friend in his party.

The man elected to replace Jack Layton as party leader says the Harper government's decision to tie the country's future to the resource sector isn't doing Canadian manufacturers any favours.

The decision to make resources a major player has led to an artificially-high dollar that has hampered exporters, Mulcair said. It's the same sentiments that landed Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty in hot water with Alberta.

"I'm speaking in real time and I'm not apologizing to anyone," Mulcair was quoted saying in the Toronto Sun. "Five-hundred thousand good manufacturing jobs have been lost since the Conservatives came to power. More than half of those jobs ... have been lost precisely because we're not internalizing the environmental costs of operating the oilsands."

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