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EU using bad numbers, Alberta Energy says

Published by Steve Coleman on May 09, 2012

Alberta Energy says the European Union has it all wrong.

A planned punitive rating for crude oils on the high side of greenhouse gas emissions - from getting it out of the ground to burning it in vehicle fuel tanks - has oil sands bitumen rated worse than it actually is, the Alberta government says.

Alberta government officials plan to go to meetings in the EU armed with research done by US-based Jacobs Consultancy. European ratings gave Alberta oil a percentage 22 per cent higher than conventional crude, but put the final call on hold after lobbying from the provincial and federal governments.

Report authors say the EU used bad data to make its decision. The actual number is closer to 12 per cent and with the right scrubbing technology installed, it could be closer to four per cent.

Alberta Energy says the EU may be underestimating the greenhouse gas emissions in the oil it buys from countries like Russia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Iran. The countries don't provide information on how much natural gas is directly released into the air and not reduced with flaring.

Oil companies burn off excess natural gas (methane) during the extraction process because it has a higher greenhouse gas level than byproduct gas released directly into the air.

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