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Bill C-38 allows for manufacturing development and natural resource protection

Published by Stephanie Brooks on May 29, 2012

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) supports the federal government’s approach to responsible resource development in its budget bill, as it represents both environmental oversight and streamlining processes for manufacturers.  

CME president and CEO Jayson Myers appeared in the government’s subcommittee on finance May 28, stating the legislation ensures Canada maximizes the current economic development opportunities while maintaining the right balance between environmental protection and economic growth. 

“The approach for environmental approvals proposed in Bill C-38 represents a responsible and modern approach to regulatory management and oversight,” said Myers.

With immense resource potential afforded by the global economy, Canada is in a unique position to harness about 500 major projects of half a trillion dollars of new investments in our energy and mining industries over the next decade.

“Canada’s real long-term opportunity is to develop a world-class manufacturing, technology, and services supply chain for these natural resource projects, creating high-paying, value-adding jobs on the basis of expertise that can be exported globally,” said Myers.

While Canadian manufacturers have no doubt faced challenges in regard to skills shortages, pressure to stay ahead of global competition, rising protectionism in key export markets and increasing labour rates, our manufacturing sector today remains highly innovative, flexible, customer driven and global.

CME believes efficient regulatory processes can go hand-in-hand with high quality environmental reviews and effective regulatory enforcement

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