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Discussion around 'Leading indicators stronger for eighth-straight month'

The leading numbers for Canada's economy were a little bit higher for an eighth-straight month in February. Canada's composite leading index was up 0...

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Ted Morawiec wrote on 2012-03-22 11:51:41

Ted Morawiec But, what of the Productivity & Technical Advancement deficiencies we have with the rest of the Competitive World?,...just saying,.... for 35 yrs & OnGoing same old same old,...NOW! is the time to just do something to improve on IT! before setting Your Sites tOO far on a leaky Boat to China and Prevent a Self-CanadianMade Recession if that Gap continues to widen,.... like IT! has for the past few years. We're not Lean Enough & Tech Savy Enough thats why?,...where all Canadians are in the basement of all Leading Nations of the World in being Competitive with the World Economy Now?? seems like the Right-Time in Real-Time Thinking to me.

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